Online Renew Zurich Takaful

Easy and simple. No Traffic Jam, No stress, no parking problem! Renewing motor takaful for your vehicle is easy via online. Do it at home or office.

Zurich Takaful

With the acquisition of MAA Takaful, Zurich is now stronger – a global company enhanced by its team of specialists in the local Takaful industry.


Takaful Ikhlas Motor Takaful

Get Motor Takaful from Takaful Ikhlas without leaving your office/ home.
We offer you the fastest and convenience way of renewing your motor insuranc

Why Choose Us

As a Takaful agent who has been in the insurance/ takaful business since 2012, specialised in renewing insurance/takaful business online.  We are accessible 365 days including public holidays.  You can always drop us a email or call us for advise and we will revert to you.

Being an online-focus agency, we are able to expand our reach to more people and not limited by our physical geographical location. Not matter where you are located, be it in Kuala Selangor, Kuala Terengganu or Kuala Lumpur, we are just a click away.

Understanding Takaful

To most people, Takaful is equal to insurance, while both Takaful and Insurance protects you against certain risk, the difference is Takaful operates according to Syariah compliant laws as […]

Benefits of Takaful

Should you take up a Motor Takaful or Motor Insurance? No doubt both help you in mitigating your risk and has almost similar coverage benefits. However, the key […]

Get online Quote

You can get an official quotation from Zurich Takaful Berhad (Formerly known as MAA Takaful) by providing us the required information via the online quotation form below. Once […]

Takaful vs Insurance

A prevailing misperception about Takaful is that it is simply the Islamic version of traditional insurance, and thus is confined to those of the religion. The truth is, […]

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